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4th Festival of Salt


On the mention of the Dalmatian town of Nin the first association is salt. Therefore, it is not surprising that for this important ingredient for life, they dedicate one day of the year to it… A unique salt festival is held in Nin’s salt works, one of the most exceptional ...

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Largest Ottoman Monument in Croatia Reopens

(photo credit: Dalma Tourist Centre)

After several years of reconstruction, the largest monument built during Ottoman Empire architecture in Croatia has reopened… Ottoman admiral Jusuf Mašković, who was renowned for conquering Chania in western Crete in only 54 days in 1645 during the Cretan War, built a large Han, or Turkish inn, in his native ...

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Demi Moore & Monica Bellucci Holidaying in Croatia


The celebrities are starting to converge on the Croatian coast… Hollywood star Demi Moore (52) and fellow actress Monica Bellucci are currently holidaying in Croatia. Moore, who has starred in films such as A Few Good Men, Indecent Proposal, Ghost and Disclosure, arrived in Dubrovnik before heading to the island ...

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This Week’s Official Croatian TOP 10 Singles


Every Friday Croatia Week will count down the official Croatian Top 10 singles of the week, according to the Croatian Discography Association’s Top40 list. Here is this week’s Top 10: 10. Lana Jurčević – Ludo ljeto 9. Elemental – Goli i bosi 8. Luka Nižetić – Amsterdam 7. Ivana Marić ...

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