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Crocodile & Zebra Meat Available in Zagreb for First Time

CrocResidents in Croatia’s capital Zagreb can now for the first time get their hands on some exotic meats…

Retail chain Metro have recently advertised some meats previously unavailable in the city. For the first time locals can now purchase crocodile meat. A kilogram of crocodile meat is being advertised for 131.24 kuna (17 euros). Other exotic cuts rarely seen in Croatia on sale include bison meat (218.74 kuna a kilo – 28 euros), zebra (168.74 kuna a kilo – 21 euros), and bear meat for goulash (224.99 kuna a kilo – 30 euros). Frog and wild rabbit are also on offer. Whilst some of the meats can be found in top-notch restaurants in Croatia, they have not been available to the regular shopper.


Crocodile meat it is an exceptionally tender, juicy meat which is low in fat and cholesterol but very high in protein, whilst zebra is a very lean source of protein.

Largest Baklava Factory in Europe Opens in Croatia

CroatiaThe largest baklava factory in Europe will open near Velika Gorica in Croatia on Thursday…

Minister of Entrepreneurship Gordan Maras and the UK Ambassador to Croatia David Slinn will officially open the New Bakery factory in Lukavec near Velika Gorica this afternoon. The British company behind the new 1,000 square-metre factory, which is decked out with the latest machinery, have reportedly invested over half a million euros in the project.

Baklava is a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together with syrup or honey. It is characteristic of the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire, but is also found in Central and Southwest Asia.

[VIDEO] Rakitić & Halilović Score as Barcelona Win Catalan Super Cup

CroatiaFC Barcelona has won the Catalan Super Cup after beating Espanyol 4-2 on penalties last night ..

Gerard Piqué had earlier given Barcelona the lead before Espanyol’s Arbilla equalised to send the match into penalties. Barcelona’s Croatian internationals Ivan Rakitić, who came on in the 60th minute, and Alen Halilović, who came on 16 minutes later, both made no mistake with their penalties. (PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB)

Croats Have Over €1 Billion In Savings Abroad

CroatiaCroats have around 1 billion euros sitting in bank accounts in 19 countries, and the tax man wants to know more, as daily Jutarnji list reports…

The Ministry of Finance have been made aware of what is estimated to be held in foreign bank accounts by Croatian citizens thanks to banking data exchange Croatia has with a number of countries. With Croatia set to introduce tax on savings next year the data is becoming more relevant to the government. According to the report, around 22 million euros in interest alone was earned last year on savings in bank accounts in 19 countries. Probably more important to the Ministry than the forthcoming introduction of a tax on savings, is that the data will be used to help the tax department combat tax evasion.

The preliminary data on savings of Croatian citizens abroad is far from definitive however, with a number of banks not submitting savings data. Among them are Austria, whose banking system has been attractive to Croats, whilst data is missing from Switzerland and Liechtenstein also. If those three countries are factored in to the equation, then experts claim that the amount would be a multiple of the aforementioned billion euros.

Unofficial figures show that the most attractive country out of the 19 for Croatian depositors is Italy, followed by Germany. Data shows that 85% of the savings are in Italy, Germany, Luxembourg and Sweden. Slovenia, Belgium and the UK made up most of the remainder.

‘”We will compare the preliminary data on savings abroad with the financial situation of these depositors, which is made possible via OIB numbers (personal identification numbers). The imbalance will be the base for taxation,” a source told Jutarnji list.

Tito Museum Opens Near Vrgorac

josip-brozBusts, badges, a watch and a baton are just some of the memorabilia on display at the Josip Broz Tito museum which has opened recently in village of Kokorići, which is situated near Vrgorac in the Dalmatian hinterland…

The museum was opened by Zvonimir Pervan, who told news agency Hina that around 30,000 euros had been invested in setting up the Tito museum. Pervan says that the museum has created interest since opening, with a number of foreign tourists, notably Slovenes and Germans, visiting.

A number of items are on display at the museum, including over 2,000 badges, a gold watch owned by Tito, 20 Tito busts, 15 tapestries with his effigy, and a baton used in The Relay of Youth, a race which started in his birth town Kumrovec and ended in Belgrade on his official birthday.

Concert to Honour Legend Dražen Petrović Who Would Have Been 50 Today

CroatiaThe greatest basketballer to ever come out of Europe, Croatian Dražen Petrović, would have been celebrating his 50th birthday today….

A concert by the philharmonic orchestra to mark the occasion will be held this Saturday at Zagreb’s Vatroslav Lisinski hall in honour of the great man. Under the baton of Leopold Hager, the orchestra will play amongst other pieces, Mozart, fitting for a man who was nicknamed ‘Basketball’s Mozart’.

Born in Šibenik on 22 October 50 years ago, Petrović was just 28 years of age when he was killed in a car accident in Germany after returning from playing for Croatia in Poland on 7 June 1993. Voted the Best European Basketballer in History, Petrović enjoyed an illustrious career with the New Jersey Nets, averaging 20.6 points in 36.9 minutes on the floor, and nearly leading all NBA guards in field goal percentage (51%). He did not miss a single game. Dražen also won Olympic basketball medals, as well as a gold and a bronze at the FIBA World and European Championships.

Croats Celebrate Independence Day

Croatia91A national holiday today marks Croatian Independence Day, a day where Croats celebrates the unanimous decision of the Croatian Parliament – Sabor to terminate the link between Croatia and SFR Yugoslavia….

“Dear citizens of Croatia, I wish you all the best for Independence Day. It is one of the most important days in Croatian history, which we remember with pride. This is also an opportunity to wish the Republic of Croatia, all citizens of our homeland, a prosperous future,” President Ivo Josipović said in an address to mark the occasion.

The Croatian referendum on independence was held in May 1991, with 93% of voters supporting the independence. On 25 June the Croatian Sabor proclaimed the Croatian independence and seven days later, on 7 July, Croatia and Slovenia signed the Brioni Declaration in which the two countries agreed to suspend all declarations and acts passed by the Croatian and Slovenian parliaments related to those states’ secession from Yugoslavia for a period of three months. On 8 October, the Sabor decided to end relations with Yugoslavia, in the Decision on the termination of the state and legal ties with other republics and provinces of Yugoslavia. That session was not held in the House of Parliament but instead in the basement of an INA building, because of the possibility of the repeat of an incident such as the bombing of Banski dvori.

Locals Stunned as Woman in Peugeot Jumps Tisno Bridge

CroatiaLocals in Dalmatian town of Tisno could have been forgiven for thinking that a stunt scene for a movie was being filmed this morning…

Locals were left in shock when a woman in her mid 40s jumped a raised bridge, which connects the island of Murter with Tisno, at around 9am this morning. The Peugeot-driver reportedly gathered speed and successfully made the jump from one part of the bridge, which was raised around two and a half metres, to the other side.

“Despite the red light being on she passed the ramp as I made a gesture and shouted at her to stop. She hit the gas and made the jump over the bridge, which was raised at least two and a half metres. I could not believe she made it, she then stopped and went for a coffee,” bridge worker Tomo Mejić Sidić told Šibenik IN.

The woman, who made a loud thud when she hit the other side, has another female passenger in the car.

Croatia’s Population Declining

CroatiaCroatia’s population is on the decline, according to estimates from the Central Bureau of Statistics…

In 2013 Croatia’s population was estimated at 4,255,689, down 0.3% or close to 12,000 people, from the previous year. Whilst the country’s overall population was declining, it had grown in a number of areas. Zagreb, Zagreb County, Zadar and Istria had all recorded population growth in 2013, whilst the Sisak-Molsavina County shrunk by 1.38%. Since Croatia joined the European Union, there have been a number of educated citizens head off abroad to seek better wages, including a large portion of the medical fraternity.

Women still outnumber men, with 51.7% of the population female, whilst the median age continues also to grow – sitting at 42.2 years of age now, making Croatia one of the ‘oldest nations’ in Europe.

Legendary Guitarist Rastko Milošev – Ras Dies

rastkomilosev_15092014_pressThe former guitarist of legendary Croatian rock band Parni valjak has died in Croatia…

Rastko Milošev – Ras passed away on 12 September aged just 54. Born in Zagreb on 11.11.1961, Ras from an early age was surrounded by music, and his piano-teacher mother had him learn a number of instruments. When he turned 15 he discovered the Beatles and fell in love with the electric guitar. At the age of 18 he joined the now legendary band Parni Valjak, who enjoyed a dedicated following in Croatia for over 30 years, just 4 years after the band had formed in 1975. Ras stayed in the band for 5 years before leaving in the 80’s. He then went onto work as a guitarist, author and producer for the likes of Tereza Kesovija, Dino Dvornik, Oliver Mandić, Jasmin Stavros, Dino Merlin, Plavi orkestra, Haustor, and many more.

Ras leaves behind four children, and will be buried in Zagreb on Wednesday.