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Epic Christmas Lights Display Set to be Turned On


  For the last 14 Christmases in a row the Salaj family home in Grabovnica near the central Croatian town of Čazma has been a major attraction… Back in 2001 the Salaj family started their Božićna Priča (Christmas Tale) theme park when they decorated houses, trees and bridges over the ...

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Why I Left London to Live in Croatia?


Fiction writer and an anthropologist Andrea Pisac was born in Croatia. Just over 10 years ago she packed up from Zagreb and moved to London where she finished a PhD in anthropology. To the amazement of her circle of friends she returned to live in Zagreb recently. But why? She ...

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Croatian Recipes: Burek


Croatia Week have teamed up with Fini Recepti to bring you your favourite Croatian recipes… Croatian TV chef Almo Čatlak this year completed 10 years of his cooking show ‘TV-kuhanja’ (TV-cooking). Čatlak’s show, which shows viewers how to prepare a meal from start to finish in a 3-4 minute clip, ...

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Croatia Among World’s TOP 10 Beer Drinking Nations


    European nations dominate when it comes to the TOP 10 beer drinking countries in the world… Croatia is ranked 9th in the world for sinking the most beer per person, with the country’s annual total consumption 346 million litres, or 82 litres per person. The Czechs are in ...

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First Snow Set to Hit Croatia


After one of the best Novembers on record with sunshine and above average temperatures up and down the country, the great autumn weather is set to end this weekend… According to the State Met Office, the change in weather will start today with rain and strong south-westerly winds forecast on ...

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First Croatian UNESCO Protected Geopark


  Croatia now has another natural beauty with UNESCO protection after Papuk Geopark was declared a UNESCO geopark… Papuk Geopark, located in eastern Croatia, is the first, and for now only UNESCO Geopark in Croatia, which gained its status due to the extraordinary geological and biological diversity and valuable cultural ...

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Learning Croatian: Phrase of the Week


  You know some basic Croatian, enough to get you by, but there is nothing that will impress more than knowing a local phrase or slang that you can slip into a conversation… Our ‘Word / Phrase of the Week’ will teach you a variety of words and phrases commonly ...

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