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Croatia’s oldest woman passes away aged 107

Josipa celebrating her 107th birthday in February (Photo: Caritasov dom Ivanec)

3 April 2019 – Croatia oldest woman, Josipa Talan, has passed away at the age of 107, the Caritas home in Ivanec where she was a resident announced today. 

Talan was born in the village of Križovljan near Varaždin in northern Croatia on 17 February 1912. She celebrated her 107th birthday in February this year with her friends and family at the Caritas home in Ivanec. 

Talan, who has resided at the home since 2004, has had a tough life, working in the fields and vineyards for most of her life. She lost her husband early and son early in life. 

On the occasion of her 107th birthday earlier this year, she said her eyesight was not the best but did not take any medication, was able to move freely and still had her hearing. She said she found strength in pray. 

Croatia has lost their two oldest women in less than two months. 

Talan became Croatia’s oldest living woman in February when 108-year-old Anđa Perić passed away in Kotlenice near Split. Anđa, who also took no tablets, said part of the secret to her longevity was drunk 100 ml of homemade wine every day. 

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