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PHOTOS: Six cute heart-shaped islands in Croatia

(Photo credit: Boris Kačan)

Croatia’s unique heart-shaped Galešnjak island stole the hearts of romantics all over the world when Google Earth revealed it in all its glory, bringing it to the attention of the world over a decade ago. 

The small island, nicknamed Lover’s island, is located in the Pašman channel between the islands of Pašman and the town of Turanj on the mainland.

But, did you know that the island is not the only heart-shaped island in Croatia? There are more, and interestingly they are all located near Zadar on the Dalmatian coast. 

Top Croatian photographer Boris Kačan took to the air in a plane to capture these stunning pieces of nature and show off more of Croatia’s unique beauty. With today being Valentine’s Day, we take a look back at them.

Galešnjak island (Photo credit: Boris Kačan)

The most similar looking to Galešnjak is Lukovnik island. It is located only 24 nm or 40 km from Galešnjak just in front of Tribunj. 

Lukovnik island (Photo credit: Boris Kačan)

Rončić island is located in the Kornati archipelago and is almost a copy/paste version of Lukovik, but with different vegetation.  

Rončić island (Photo credit: Boris Kačan)

Mrtonjak island, located in front of Sali on Dugi Otoko, is a real green heart and has more rounded edges. Like the other heart-shaped islands, it is uninhabited. 

Mrtonjak island (Photo credit: Boris Kačan)

Lisac island is the next heart-shaped island and is located in front of Sv. Juraj. 

Lisac island (Photo credit: Boris Kačan)

The final heart-shaped island is Gromilica island which is located in Lake Prokljan near Skradin. 

Gromilica island (Photo credit: Boris Kačan)

(Photos: Boris Kačan Photography/text: Morski.hr)

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