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History-witnessing Croatian tree finalist for European Tree of the Year title

Gubec Linden tree (Photo: Visit Zagorje)

2 February 2019 – A 500-year-old large-leaved linden tree in Croatia has been nominated as a candidate for the title of 2019 European Tree of the Year. 

This year fifteen trees from around Europe have been shortlisted for the award with the Gubec Linden tree in Gornja Stubica in the Krapina-Zagorje County one of the candidates. 

The tree bore witness to history in the Zagorje area of Croatia. 

This ancient linden is a living witness of the Great Peasant Revolt that took place in 1573 in the area. According to the legend, Matija Gubec gathered his followers beneath its canopy and led them into a fight for their class rights. Due to its age and historical significance the linden was declared a protected natural monument. The fact that the Croatian Forest Research Institute Jastrebarsko has grown the seedlings of Gubec linden using vegetative propagation method proves how valuable it is to our people.

Today, the linden tree is 9 m high, with a trunk diameter of 4.70 m. Due to its age and dimensions, it presents a natural rarity. In 1957, the linden tree was declared a natural monument and placed under state protection as a cultural monument.

Gubec Linden tree (Photo: Public Institution’s Archive)

The European Tree of the Year is an annual contest held to find the most ‘loveable tree’ in Europe with the most interesting story and is held by the Environmental Partnership Association (EPA), an organisation supported by the European Commission. 

Voting is open from 1 to 28 February 2019 with the results announced at the Award Ceremony in Brussels, the 19th of March, where the winners will be awarded.

Currently the Gubec Linden is in 5th place in the voting after the opening day. 

You can place your vote here

The European Tree of the Year award aims to highlight the significance of old trees in the natural and cultural heritage that deserve care and protection.

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