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Zagreb farmers’ markets: New working hours announced 

Zagreb’s farmers’ markets: New working hours announced 


Farmers’ markets in the Croatian capital are a great place to buy fresh produce, fish, meat, poultry, dairy products, teas, honey, flowers and more. 

The first farmers’ market in Zagreb was opened back in 1850 and today almost there are a number scattered in suburbs around the city. 

Last week Zagrebački Holding announced that there would be a change in working hours of five of the largest farmers’ markets in the city – Dolac, Kvatrić, Trešnjevka, Jarun and Utrina. 

Now, the markets will work until 4 pm instead of 2 pm from Monday – Friday. On Saturday they will work until 3 pm and on Sunday they will now open until 2 pm instead of 1 pm.

Zagrebački Holding points out that they made the decision based on the results of a survey conducted among sellers in the market and that they plan to continue working on further extending the work of markets because the shopping habits of citizens have changed.

“This would enable many of our fellow citizens to procure fresh fruits, vegetables and groceries, at the end of the working day when they return to their homes,” they said.

New working hours for Zagreb’s farmers’ markets 

(Photo credit: Marko Vrdoljak/Zagreb Tourist Board)

Zagreb’s big five farmers’ markets and addresses.

Dolac: Dolac 9

Kvatrić: Martićeva 67

Trešnjevka: Trešnjevački trg 2

Jarun: Pakoštanska ul. 5

Utrina: Barčev trg 16

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