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VIDEO: Adorable duck family halts traffic in Zagreb

ducks walking on street in zagreb


A delightful yet unusual sight brought traffic to a standstill on Avenija Dubrovnik in Croatia’s capital Zagreb today.

During rush hour, a duck and her eight small adorable ducklings were spotted making their way across the busy road, causing all cars to come to a halt.

The mother duck, leading her tiny brood, ventured bravely onto the main road, capturing the attention of drivers and passersby.

The typically bustling avenue transformed into a scene of calm as vehicles stopped to allow the family to cross safely.

Once they had navigated one half of the main road, a kind-hearted man stepped in to usher the duck and her ducklings off the asphalt. He guided them towards the grass curb, ensuring their safety and directing them away from the dangers of traffic.

ducks cross street zagreb


It is relatively rare to see a duck with its ducklings walking on the street, especially in urban areas.

Ducks typically prefer to stay near bodies of water such as ponds, lakes, and rivers, where they can find food and protection. However, it can happen occasionally, particularly if the duck’s natural habitat is nearby or if they are moving from one water source to another.

Duck and ducklings in grass zagreb


This duck family might have been heading towards Bundek Lake, a nearby water body that offers a safe and suitable habitat for them.

Check out the video below.


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