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Best Burek in Zagreb: 7 top spots

Best Burek in Zagreb: 7 top spots

Burek (Photo credit: Nikola Škorić/CC BY-SA 2.5)

Zagreb boasts a tantalising array of culinary delights, and among the city’s beloved dishes, burek reigns as a firm favourite among the locals.

This delectable pastry, with its flaky layers and mouthwatering fillings, has become a beloved culinary treasure in the Croatian capital. 

From traditional bakeries to hidden gems tucked away, we uncover the best burek hotspots in the city.

Burek Ba
Ulica Lavoslava Ružičke 50

Located near the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, they sell burek by the gram, baking it in thin strips and sparing no expense when it comes to the meat filing. The pastry is also crispy and not overly greasy.

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Taman Burek
Tuškanova 22

Tamam burek, located near the Kvatrić market in Zagreb, recently opened and has quickly become a popular destination for true burek enthusiasts. With a simple yet delicious formula of flaky filo dough and classic fillings, their burek has gained a devoted following. You can enjoy a range of options, including meat, cheese, spinach, and potato fillings.

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Burek na Dolcu
Dolac 2 

Burek at Dolac markets has existed at its current address for over 35 years since 1987. Before that Burek operated on the main bus station. This iconic place has one of the best burkes in town. The meat is seasoned just right with the right amount of pepper and the pastry is crispy. If you like them greasy you can get a yogurt to compliment it.  

Zagreb's most iconic Burek joint

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Burek na Dolcu

Vrući Burek “Mira”
Zvornička ul. 743

This burek place at the Trešnjevka market has become an institution over time. It has stood in the same spot for years, and recently, the small space has been renovated. The prices for the pies range from 1.99 to 2.12 euros. They have excellent reviews also on Google. 

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Pita Cut
Barčev trg 16

Located at the popular Utrina markets in Novi Zagreb, you will enjoy one of the best bureks in town here. What is special here is they cook their burkes under the bell, which makes them juicy and gives the pastry an authentic note. They are also open on Trešnjevka also 

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Piterija Ivo
Cvjetna cesta 13

In the Cvjetno naselje, there is a small, blue establishment where burek is served in the form of an oval roll. Besides the service, the burek here is truly excellent. The dough is lightly crispy and beautifully golden-yellow, while the meat is perfectly seasoned, and the ratio of dough to filling is spot on.

If you want to highlight your favourite place that sells delicious burek but has remained under the radar, let us know via social media.

Tratinska 36, 

Made according to the traditional Bonisna recipe, they offer a range of tasty bureks and pies with meat, cheese spinach and potato filings. The quality and service is equally top notch. 

Zagreb's most iconic Burek joint

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