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Ridley Scott Produced Series ‘The Terror’ to Film on Croatian Island of Pag

Croatian island of Pag (photo: TZ Pag)

Episodes of the AMC Studios anthology television series The Terror, a supernatural thriller inspired by the mysterious disappearance of a Royal naval expedition crew in 1847 who are searching for the Northwest Passage, will start shooting this month on the Croatian island of Pag.

Based on an adaptation of the bestselling novel by Dan Simmons, The Terror tells the true story of those taking part in the Franklin Expedition – led by Captain John Franklin (Ciaran Hinds) and Captain Francis Crozier (Jared Harris) – who were frozen in the ice and stuck for two years with their nearest neighbor over 800 miles away.

Their ship is attacked by a mysterious predator – a terrifying monster that stalks the ship and its crew in a suspenseful and desperate game of survival.

Pag is home to amazing scenery (photo: TZ Pag)

The Terror is written by David Kajganich (True Story, A Bigger Splash), who will also serve as co-showrunner with Soo Hugh (The Whispers, The Killing).

Executive producers are Ridley Scott (The Good Wife, The Man In The High Castle) and David W. Zucker (The Good Wife, The Man In The High Castle) of Scott Free; Alexandra Milchan (The Wolf of Wall Street) and Scott Lambert (Paranoia), both of whom are principals at Emjag Productions; and Guymon Casady (Game of Thrones, Steve Jobs) of Entertainment 360, the content arm of Management 360. Scott Free, Emjag Productions and Entertainment 360 are producing the series in association with AMC Studios.

Ridley Scott (screenshot)

AMC has ordered 10 one-hour episodes with an expected premiere date in 2017.

Filming will take place on the island of Pag from 3rd to 29th April, where 85 Croatian technicians and crew will work on set. Also, 60 local extras will be engaged on the set.

Through Croatia’s 20% filming incentive the production will benefit from a return of investment of the overall budget spent in the country. In five years of incentive scheme, 34 productions filmed in Croatia and spent nearly 400 million kunas, and in addition to the economic benefits, provided a worldwide promotion of the beautiful Croatian locations.


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