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Miss Donut – The First Dedicated Donut Cafe in Zagreb

Miss Donut – The First Dedicated Donut Cafe in Zagreb

By Iva Ralica

Earlier this month the first dedicated donut cafe opened its doors in Zagreb.

Located at Harambašićeva 32A, Miss Donut’s specialty are delicious American donuts, but they also specialise in homemade Croatian versions at very affordable prices.

(photo credit: Instagram/Hungry_anja)

Made by the owner, Antonija Laginja, these treats with colourful creams, fun sprinkles and interesting flavours, can easily brighten up your day.

The cafe has a range of interesting flavoured donuts, from Oreo chocolate and vanilla, to strawberry and coconut – chocolate.

There are even donuts filled with crème brûlée, Lino Lada, Nutella and cheesecake, as well as cinnamon rolls, chocolate and nut twists or apple fritters.

Some donuts vary depending on the season, but every day the cafe offers 6 to 10 different sorts. of them.

And not to forget the homemade lemonade or mulled wine with cranberry juice and hot chocolate with Smarties, marshmallows, Oreo cookies or Napolitanke, just perfect for these cold days.

In this cozy atmosphere decorated with love, the owner, with the help of friends, wanted to create a feeling of home, where everyone could relax while eating some of the best sweets in town.

P.S. The donuts are all homemade and arrive in limited numbers which means that by the end of the day the stock might be empty, so don’t be late.

(photos: Facebook)

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