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Heroes of Split Streets: Kids spend summer watering local plants

Heroes of Split Streets initiative

Children from the “Brda” elementary school in the Croatian city of Split have spent the entire summer, a full 2 months, watering the greenery in their neighbourhood.

With a fitting gathering last night, on August 16th, the “Heroes of Split Streets” initiative officially concluded. Through this initiative, children from “Brda” regularly watered the greenery in their neighbourhood, on their streets, and around the school. 

This wasn’t about the tall trees overseen by Parks and Gardens LLC, but rather about ordinary greenery, shrubs, smaller plants, and trees.

“At the beginning, there were minor discrepancies until the habit was adopted, but then it proceeded without hesitation and consistently,” claim parents and teachers, the adult leaders of children’s groups, under the coordination of the biology and chemistry teacher, Mrs. Vedrana Šilović, who personally engaged during the break, along with her colleague Gordana Pulić, and mothers Slađa, Marija, another Marija, Divna, Goga and others. 

Heroes of Split Streets

“It’s not difficult to spend half an hour in the early evening watering the plants,” she told us. “Oh, if only all citizens contributed to the sustainability of our green spaces in this way, as we have worryingly little of it…”

And the children… aged from 2nd to 8th grade, shared their thoughts at this gathering: ”I felt happy and cheerful while watering because I was helping the plants and the city of Split,” said Lucija S.

“When I watered on the hills, I felt as if I were lying on the grass,” shared another participant in the project.

“While watering, I felt joyful and happy, like a responsible citizen of Split, because I helped my city,” said another.

Heroes of Split Streets

“Watering made me feel happy and proud because I’m helping my city,” added Ivana, whilst Karlo said: “It was indescribable to help nature in its need. The lesson is: we should assist nature.”

“The feeling during this wonderful adventure with plants is super fun because I love plants, especially helping them,” Karmen also expressed a positive impression, whilst Petar briefly added: ”I felt good helping the plants.”

Paula said “watering the plants makes me feel happy, like I’m helping.” Marie agreed with them, saying, “I felt happy taking care of and watering nature.”

Heroes of Split Streets

Mladen expanded a bit, “While watering, I felt truly responsible because I knew that even eleven plants depended on me and others. Nevertheless, we managed to help them, and that’s why I’m happy.”

These are the statements we managed to gather from the kids who took part in the great initiative.

They also told us that it seems utterly unimaginable to them, now that the official part of the initiative is concluded, that they might not continue with the evening watering.

Heroes of Split Streets

Organisers, The Split Scout Association, extends special thanks to the principal of the “Brda” Elementary School, Mrs. Katarina Zelić, who particularly supported this initiative. They say that as an educator, she not only emphasises formal education but also encourages children’s progress through all other possibilities, especially informal education, in which scouts are the strongest and most developed global form.

Heroes of Split Streets: Kids

Heroes of Split Streets initiative

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