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Government Council for Croats outside Croatia Meets in Zagreb

The Government Council for Croats outside Croatia has met to discuss a number of issues in Zagreb…

The Council, set up to help unify and strengthening ties between Croats abroad with Croatia, discussed economic issues, education, and culture and status issues, such as acquisition of Croatian citizenship, language programmes and tax policies, over the last two days in the capital.

There was particular focus at the meeting to further develop Croatian language learning programmes in countries where there are Croatian communities overseas, also regarding the push to get representation of all Croatian communities abroad in the Croatian parliament.

The Council, which includes representatives from Croatian communities all over the world, also talked about the need to lobby for a more affirmative tax policy towards returnees (especially pensioners), the potential for economic cooperation between Croatia and Croats living abroad, programmes to make it easier for young people to travel to Croatia, and the need to establish special centres for the promotion of Croatian culture in the world’s leading capitals.


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