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5 places to stay cool in Zagreb this summer

After a sizzling heatwave last week, where muggy temperatures and sand from the Sahara made conditions in Zagreb unpleasant. July is also going to be hot and August will be the same.  

If you are not able to head to be on the coast are in the Croatian capital, there are options to stay cool.

Although not as idyllic as the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, you can still cool down a short distance from the city centre. 


5 places to escape the heat in Zagreb and cool down

Jarun (Photo credit. Julien Duval/Zagreb Tourist Board)

Probably the most popular spot on a scorching day for those in the city, Jarun is a 2km long artificial lake located in the southwest part of Zagreb.

Veliko Jezero (the big lake) is the part of the lake for rowing and windsurfing, while Malo Jezero (the small lake) is reserved for swimming, pedal boat rides, bars, and cafes. There are lifeguards on duty during the swimming season.

places to cool down in Zagreb

Zagreb (Photo credit: Ivo Biočina / Source: CNTB)

It is easy to get there,  you can take the no. 5 or 17 tram.


5 places to escape the heat in Zagreb and cool down 

Bundek (Photo credit. Julien Duval/Zagreb Tourist Board)

Just over the bridge in Novi Zagreb is another artificial lake – Bundek.  As well as the lake to cool down in, there are cycling tracks, a promenade, and parks. There is stuff for the kids to play on and there are also barbecues which you can use for open-air parties.

There are also cafes around the lake as well to get a drink or ice-cream. There are lifeguards on duty. 

5 places to escape the heat in Zagreb and cool down

Bundek (Photo credit: Marko Vrdoljak / Zagreb Tourist Board)

To get there take any bus heading south from Glavni kolodvor and get out on the third stop just over the bridge.

Svetice Pools 

5 places to escape the heat in Zagreb and cool down

(Photo: Svetice Pools Complex)

The 10,000 m2 Svetice complex, located in the Zagreb suburb of Svetice, has an Olympic-size pool, and also a number of pools for recreational swimmers, beginners and kids. 

The multi-level complex also offers a wellness programme, including various types of saunas, a fitness centre, massage rooms and a specially built zen garden. Svetice has also sun-bathing areas and is surrounded by facilities for table tennis, badminton, volleyball and football.

Address: Ulica Divka Budaka 21

Šalata Pools

Zagreb swimming spots

(Photo: SRC Salata)

Located in the centre of the city on Šalata, these outdoor pools are a great place to cool down at. The summer swimming season is open until September and is open from 13:30 – 18:00 during weekdays and from 11:00 – 19:00 on the weekend. 

Address: Schlosserove Stube 2 


Zagreb swimming spots

Mladost pools are located not far from Jarun near the Sava river. 

The sports park has indoor and outdoor Olympic size swimming pools (25×50 meters), several smaller pools, a children’s pool, sunbathing space and other facilities.

Address: Ulica Jarunska Ulica 

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