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Famous Kostelić Siblings Find Message in Bottle in Mljet

ivicaAn interesting post on Facebook today by Croatia’s champion skier Ivica Kostelić after he went for a swim with his Olympic legend sister Janica on the island of Mljet yesterday…

One pretty cool thing happened yesterday and it absolutely thrilled me. Especially in nowadays of technology and social networks communication. Swimming in the sea near island of Mljet my sister and I found this bottle. We wanted to take it so we could throw it into trash…but figured there is paper in it with a message!! We used to do it while we were kids, but there was no social networks for the contact. Old school pirate way with message in the bottle + modern social networks = great combination of getting to know people! I will most definitely write my message, put it in the bottle and let it float in our beautiful Mediterranean Sea. It might come to the next bay, next island…or maybe some other country, who knows Wherever it is that any of you are if you have a chance, do the same- wrote Ivica.

The champion siblings

The champion siblings

The bottle with the message inside was sent from near Cavtat on 15 July 2015 and read:

Hello from the island of Mrkan (close to Cavtat)
We enjoy our red wine & if you’re happy as we are please contact us at Facebook
Tii Shirt
Lots of nice wishes

ik(photos/ Facebook)

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