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Zagreb Residents ‘Happy’ Quality of Life in European Cities Survey Reveals



Residents in the Croatian capital Zagreb are generally happy with life in their city, it was revealed the latest ‘Quality of Life in European Cities’ survey conducted by Eurobarometer…

The Eurobarometer survey, which is conveyed every three years, was conducted with over 40,000 people in 79 cities in 28 EU member-states, plus Turkey, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.

The survey exclusively focuses on quality of life, showing how satisfied people are with various aspects of urban life, such as employment opportunities, presence of foreigners, public transports and pollution in their cities. Among its main findings, the survey shows that overall Europeans are very satisfied with regard to the cities where they live: in all except 6 cities, at least 80% of respondents say they are satisfied to live in their city.

Zagreb respondents were mainly satisfied with life in the city, and the Croatian capital topped the survey when it came to the question of presence of foreigners and their successful integration. Zagreb, Dublin, Zurich and Lisbon recorded the lowest percentage of those respondents who disagree that the ‘presence of foreigners is good’ for their city.

Oslo, Zurich (both 99%), Aalborg, Vilnius and Belfast (all 98%) record the highest levels of satisfaction.By contrast, satisfaction is below 80% in Istanbul (65%), Palermo, Athina (both 67%), Greater Athens (71%), Napoli (75%) and Miskolc (79%).

Some findings show a positive trend compared to previous years: for example, in Budapest and Cracow, there has been an increase of 20% of those who have a positive perception of public transport in their cities, compared to 2012. The survey also reveals what areas deserve particular attention as a majority of people consider that health services, unemployment and education are the three most important issues for their city.

You can read the full survey here.


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