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Zagreb bakes in hottest 24th of May in 30 years

Hottest day in Zagreb on this day in 30 years

Jarun in Zagreb (Photo: Julien Duval/Zagreb Tourist Board)

Whilst it is still spring in Croatia and summer is still weeks away yet, it has been summer-like in parts of the country this week.

According to MSN’s weather forecast for Zagreb, today is the hottest 24th of May in the last 30 years. Temperatures today in the Croatian capital soared to 30°C, which is a record for this date.

According to MSN, the previous record for the hottest 24th of May was back in 2007 when the temperature reached 29°C. Only three years earlier, in 2004, the lowest temperature on this date was recorded when temperatures reached just 6°C, 24sata reported.

On average, data shows temperatures on this date over the last 30 years range from 14 to 24°C.

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