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World’s Worst Places to Work Index

CroatiaThe 2014 Global Rights Index of the world’s worst countries for workers has been presented at the 3rd International Trade Union Conference (ITUC) held last week in Berlin…

The state of workers’ rights across 139 countries was measured across 97 different workers’ rights metrics, such as the ability to join unions, access to legal protections and due process, and freedom from violent conditions. Countries were given a scale of 1 (the best protections) to 5 (the worst protections), with Denmark the only nation to achieve a perfect score.

Croatia were ranked in the group which the government and / or employers repeatedly violate workers’ rights and undermine the struggle for better working conditions. In the same group with Croatia with a score of 2 were Serbia, Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Spain and New Zealand.

Those countries which scored 5+ were Central Africa Republic, Libya, Palestine, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria and the Ukraine.

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