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What Will the World Cup do for Croatia’s Economy?

CroatiaCroatia’s political and economic problems will be put to one side for the next three weeks at least, as the nation turns its attention to the football World Cup…

Stages are being built, beer tents erected, television sets on sale and cafes are extending their terraces all over the country as many look to cash in the event. So what does World Cup time mean for Croatia’s economy? One thing that is for certain is that Croatia’s appearance at this summer’s World Cup will bring profit. Four years ago, when Slaven Bilić’s side failed to qualify for the World Cup in South Africa, it cost the Croatian economy an estimated 170 million euros. When Bilić managed to qualify two years later for the EURO 2012 in Poland and the Ukraine, Croats spent a massive 100 million euros during the tournament mainly on food and drink.

Companies such as supermarket chain Konzum will be rubbing their hands together as the World Cup approaches as fans buy more booze and snacks and food as they sit in front of their TV sets watching 64 live matches during over the next month. Konzum started their promotions almost 6 weeks ago and have used some of Croatia’s biggest stars to help promotion of their stores.

It will be a rare sight to find a cafe, bar or restaurant in Croatia which won’t have a large television screen on premise and the breweries can not wait for Thursday to come around soon enough. During the 2006 World Cup in Germany, seven of the largest breweries in Croatia generated around 60 million euros in beer sales during the tournament alone. This year is expected to pass that. CRI online say that during the World Cup in Brazil, Croatia’s economy could benefit to the tune of 300 million euros. Should Croatia go as far as they did in 1998, it could be even higher.

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