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Warning as Temperatures to Reach 38 ° in the Shade

mailThe sizzling heat wave which recently engulfed western Europe is making its way to Croatia…

Authorities have issued health warnings this week, advising citizens to consume plenty of fluids, wear light clothing and not to go out in the sun during the peak hours of the day if it is not necessary. The hottest temperatures are expected in the east of the country, where temperatures will reach up to 38 ° in the shade on Monday.

If Monday was bad, it is only a warm-up for Tuesday, which is expected to be hotter and threaten the 40° mark. Temperatures on the Adriatic coast, especially in the north, will be more pleasant than continental parts, with 31-33 ° expected on Monday.

The Met office has also issued a warning – labeling the Gospić, Karlovac, Rijeka and Zagreb regions in orange – which means the weather poses potential risks. Citizens will get a short reprieve on Wednesday when some rain is forecast in the afternoon.

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