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VIDEO: ‘Discover Žumberak’ – stunning piece of nature presented in new promo

(Screenshot/Discover Žumberak)

A new tourism promo film titled ‘Discover Žumberak” has been presented by the Zagreb County Tourist Board this week. 

Just a half an hour from Zagreb, Žumberak nature park is full of nature, hiking and biking trails and is a perfect place to spend the day enjoying the nature the Zagreb County has to offer.

The Zagreb County Tourist Board is involved in a €2 million cross-border project titled “Promotion of natural and cultural heritage through the development of sustainable tourism in protected areas – ProNaCul” and the video is an introduction into “Ecomuseum Žumberak” project. 

“The Žumberak and Samobor hill area is one of the least inhabited in Croatia, and people through history have learned to live in accordance with the laws of nature. The scenes of traditional villages, pastures and fields today are harmoniously complemented by vast forest extras. This mosaic of the preserved traditional landscape, with its great wealth of flora and fauna, geological features and valuable archaeological finds, is what today attracts visitors, hikers, mountaineers and nature lovers,”


The new promo film, which was produced and hosted by Ashley Colburn, was filmed in May and June this year. Velika Gorica, Jastrebarsko, Samobor and Sveta Nedelja are the most visited places in the county. 

Check out the video below. 

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