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The Jobs That Pay & The Jobs That Don’t in Croatia

Croatia81The latest data from the Croatian Bureau of Statistics reveals that the average monthly net salary in the country is 5,716 kuna (745 euros), well below the average in many developed nations…

The average monthly paid off net earning per person in paid employment in legal entities in the Republic of Croatia was 2.9% (nominal) and 3.4% (real) higher in December 2014, than it was compared to December 2013, but there is a long way to go before wages in the country can be called respectable.

So what industries pay and which don’t in Croatia?

The highest average net salaries were currently being paid in the air transport sector, where average monthly salaries were 10,555 kuna (1,375 euros). Jobs in Marketing and Research were next where workers on average took home 9,353 kuna a month (1,220 euros), with those in the Financial sector just behind with an average of 9,039 (1,175 euros). Computer programmers and consultants were close behind with 9,001 kuna or 1,170 euros.

The jobs that didn’t pay were those in manufacturing. The average monthly salary for those working in clothing manufacturing was just 3,109 kuna (404 kuna). Those working in leather and leather related product factories were paid slightly more on average (3,130 kuna – 409 euros). Security jobs were also very lowly paid with the average monthly net salary only 3,132 kuna (410 euros).

Jobs with an average of less than 4,000 kuna (520 euros) were those in the service industry, wood manufacturing, administration and furniture retail.

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