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Share Istria 2016: The Best Holiday in the World



Rovinj (photo: croatia.hr)

For the second year in a row, Istria Tourist Board is organizing a large-scale international promotion campaign entitled Share Istria 2016…

Share Istria will see a series of online travel influencers, opinion leaders, bloggers, travel writers and authors on social media networks take part in a special initiative promoting the destination of Istria.

This year’s finalists, who must have over 50,000 fans on social media, will spend a tailor-made 7-day holiday in inland and coastal Istria checking out a number of activities and experiences such as truffle hunting, sailing, diving, wine tasting and paragliding. The finalists, who will arrive from all over the world, will have to publish posts about their time spent in Istria on their social networks/blogs.

“Last year the media campaign reached over 5.5 million people and created over 50 million impressions, which would take a lot longer to achieve on our website, and we reached that in just 50 days,” Director of the Istria Tourist Board, Denis Ivošević, said.


The main goal of the campaign is to promote Istria as an up-to-date and fresh way, reaching the targeted audience through travel influencers with a loyal and curious audience looking for travel inspiration. This year the campaign is taking place from April 16 to July 8.

You can check out the official Share Istria website for more details: www.shareistria.com

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