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Sangha Yoga Studio – English Yoga Classes In The Heart Of Zagreb

Yoga has been practised for over 5,000 years and the benefits for practising Yoga are countless, from improved flexibility, to more strength, better concentration, improved posture and better breathing. Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in Croatia and one of the leading Yoga studio’s in the capital Zagreb, which also now offers classes in the English language, is Sangha Yoga Studio. Croatia Week caught up with part-owner Sandra Probst.

Our studio was founded by Nina Vukas in 2006 and was located in Gunduliceva street. Last year Nina and I decided to become partners and the studio moved to bigger premises in Ilica 11 just across from the popular Vincek cake shop in the heart of downtown Zagreb.

Both of us fell in love with yoga years ago, but in different ways. Nina first started practicing Ashtangha yoga, a very dynamic, challenging style while I encountered yoga through Prenatal yoga when I was pregnant with my beautiful little Kaya. After pregnancy I began to practice more challenging styles and loved the way it makes you feel stronger and more energetic. We regularly go to workshops all over the world, from the US to India.

At our studio you can practice Beginners yoga (ABC yoga) Vinyasa flow,  Core Power, Ashtangha, Prana Flow, Prenatal and 50 plus yoga. Currently there is also one English Ashtangha class Wednesdays at 7p.m. We also can arrange private classes in our studio which can be held in Croatian or English. Apart from regular classes (about 30 hours of yoga per week) that you don’t have to sign up for, in Sangha you can take part in different workshops and seminars about yoga and health in general, led by world-famous teachers. All our teachers are certified by the Yoga Alliance and are continuously educating themselves further at workshops in Croatia and all over the world. Nina also educates new teachers in the Om yoga school at our studio.

We have a small shop in our studio where you can buy mats, clothes, books and other yoga related things and a café area where you can make yourself tea and hang out with other students and teachers.

We would like to welcome everybody to our studio and start doing yoga. It is not only fun and challenging, but also healthy for body and mind.  Your first class with us is always free, so start practicing! Visit Sangha Yoga Studio’s website here or visit their facebook page.

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