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RoamFree Ninja Solving Unlimited Wi-Fi Problems in Croatia

Unlimited WiFi problems in Croatia sorted

Unlimited WiFi problems in Croatia sorted

If lack of mobile network while travelling makes you anxious you are not alone. Internet connectivity is an important pre-requisite for the modern-day traveller…

Expensive roaming fees do not allow for carefree usage that travellers are used to at home, but happily, if you are visiting Croatia there is now a great solution so you can share your photos and videos with friends, search for accommodation, restaurants, timetables and surf like you are at home.

RoamFree Ninja is a pocket-sized mobile hotspot Wi-Fi router rental service that lets you stay connected to the internet while in Croatia. A great device which gives you a proper Internet, anytime and anywhere, and at a reasonable price so no more chasing poor WiFi networks in cafes or hotels or coming home from holiday to a large bill.

You can take the RoamFree Ninja device around with you wherever you go and use it as a mobile router to connect to the internet. You have your own Wi-Fi mobile internet network that you (and your friends) can connect to with your smart phones and laptops.

RoamFree Ninja (photo: RoamFree Ninja Croatia)

RoamFree Ninja (photo: RoamFree Ninja Croatia)

Traffic is unlimited and comes at full 3G speed – up to 21 Gbits per second. Faster than a lot of household internets. The unlimited traffic means you do not have to think about usage at all.

Stress-free surfing with RoamFree Ninja

Stress-free surfing with RoamFree Ninja

It is simple to get started with RoamFree Ninja, all you need to do is place an order and the pocket-sized device will be delivered free of charge to your location – be it a hotel, campsite, or private accommodation. You can also arrange to pick one up at the airport or post office.

Easy to get started

Easy to get started

With RoamFree Ninja you will be totally internet independent in Croatia with up to 10 of your friends able to plug into the device and surf as well. There are three packages offered, 1-4 days rental, 5-14 days and 15+ days to meet various travel needs.


For more details and how to get your RoamFree Ninja visit their website here

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