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Paška sirana from Pag wins gold at Global Cheese Awards

(Photo: Paška sirana)

19 September 2019 – More good news out of the UK for Croatian cheese. Paška sirana on the island of Pag has won the gold medal for their Paški sir at the Global Cheese Awards in Somerset, which is the oldest cheese competition in the UK and was first held back in 1861. 

“We have again received a gold medal for our Paški sir cheese in the Sheep milk specialty cheese – the same category we won the gold medal back in 2017. This year, the cheese is top quality, which was confirmed by this award, and we took the sample for the competition from the shelf. Of course, we have visually selected two samples that we sent for evaluation, but you can find such cheeses as this winning cheese on the grocery store shelves,” Paška sirana said. 

The Global Cheese Awards in Somerset is one of the oldest and most respected evaluations of cheeses in the world. It brings together cheese makers of all sizes and from all over the world. The Global Cheese Awards allow manufacturers to showcase the best and latest they have produced. 

Fellow Croatian cheesemaker Agrolaguna received two bronzes in two categories also at the awards. 

In 2017, Paška sirana also received gold medals in two categories at the Global Cheese Awards in Somerset. They were winners in the Best Sheep Cheese category and in the Best in category which included all sheep cheeses in the competition, surpassing both the popular manchego from Spain and pecorino from Italy.

(Photo: Paška Sirana)

At the Global Cheese Awards in Somerset, between 1,100 and 1,500 cheeses from around the world arrived for evaluation. After the evaluation, a tasting of the award-winning cheeses was held for traders and professionals, which is the tradition of this evaluation. The Pag cheese also received a very significant recognition in November 2016, when Paški sir was proclaimed the best cheese in central and eastern Europe at the World Cheese Awards in San Sebastian in Spain. Paški sir claimed the Super Gold award there. 

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