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Ožujsko Beer Available in Korea after Deal Signed

CroatiaCroatia’s Ožujsko beer will soon be sold on supermarket shelves and in bars and restaurants in Korea, after its brewers Zagrebačka pivovara and Korean company CKB signed a sales and distribution deal on Friday…

Zagrebačka pivovara’s Regional Director for Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia, Sergey Yeskov, and CKB President Won Jong Sun penned the agreement in Zagreb, which will open up the beer to the massive Korean market.

Yeskov said at the signing that they were ‘extremely proud’ that a brewery in Croatia had managed to break onto the Korean market, but that details of how much money they deal was worth was confidential. Korea has a population of over 70,000 million people, and Yeskov said that the beer would be available there in around two months. The number of Koreans to visit Croatia in the last two years has risen markedly, with a massive 256.7% (150,000) more arrivals this year, thanks largely to a popular Korean reality tv show being filmed in Croatia.

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