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OFFTIME music & gastronomy festival at Aquarius in Zagreb from 24-26 May


OFFTIME starts on Friday

ZAGREB, 22 May 2019 – A new festival gets underway in the Croatian capital on Friday. OFFTIME music & gastronomy festival will take place from 24-26 May 2019 at Aquarius Club, Jarun in Zagreb.

The festival integrates various music genres and activities to create a collision of subcultures, with the goal of creating an open-minded and free-spirited vibe.

“It is okay to feel the need to reset yourself & reclaim your life energy. The best way to do it is to disconnect from the everyday and enter a loose carefree state. But we find ourselves divided between choosing physical rest and mentally unplugging – usually they are at odds with each other. Physical rest might give us physical energy, but rarely freedom of the mind. Whereas, mentally unplugging might give us freedom of the mind, but it often taxes the body. We’re seeking to find a way for constructive wellbeing and destructive hedonism to co-exist. We will attempt to do this by presenting and coupling extraordinary, motion-inducing music, with healthy, high-energy food & drinks. By melding these two elements in experimental and provocative ways, we’ll strike that elusive balance we’ve all dreamed about,” the festival organisers said.

OFFTIME music & gastronomy festival

OFFTIME is a time and place when it’s not only allowed, but also required to transcend from a high-performing state into a carefree state of mind, with the purpose to achieve a balanced and mindful existence.

“Embrace OFFTIME as a method for accomplishing true release from pressure and stress of your everyday life. You will likely experience great and unforgettable moments, together with like-minded people dancing and smiling next to you.”

OFFTIME music & gastronomy festival

LINEUP • • • •

Ana Antonova • Aney F. • ANJA SCHNEIDER • BREACH • Brun Dux • El Commando • FLASHMOB • Kajan Chow • Mića • Marina Karamarko • Mike Vale • Oberön • Omega Zen • Phillipe • Ron Crean • ROUTE 94 • SARA RENAR • SECRET CINEMA • Volster • Yakka

More info and tickets available on the website www.myoffti.me

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