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New Tax on Gambling Winnings to Hit Even Smallest Wins

CroatiaMore bad news about to be delivered from the tax man in Croatia, this time for those who enjoy a punt…

With announced tax cuts the government are set to give workers in Croatia a slight pay rise in December, an increase of around 4-5 euros a month for the average salary, however, the government will take some of it back, from those who like a flutter at least, with news that even minimum wins on gaming and betting are set to be taxed.

New Gaming Tax laws are set to boost the government coffers by around 25 million euros next year after a law passed in April this year meant that all winnings below 30,000 kuna (4,000 euros) would be subject to tax, with any winnings under 750 kuna (100 euros) excluded from the tax. However, as daily Novi list reports, that is about to change starting December with a 10% tax on all winnings under 10,000 kuna (1.300 euros) to be introduced, meaning even the smallest of winnings will be taxed.

The current 15% tax on winnings between 10,000 kuna (1300 euros) and 30,000 kuna (4,000 euros), will remain, whilst any winnings above 30,000 kuna are subject to a 20% tax, and 30% for anything above 500,000 kuna (65,000 euros).

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