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New App To Help Smokers Quit

Croatia is near the top of the list in Europe when it comes to the numbers of smokers per capita. With over 13,000 Croats dying each year from smoking related diseases and a sharp increase in the number of teenagers starting smoking in Croatia, there maybe help on the way for health authorities in the country to help shock the nation’s youth into quitting.

A new smartphone app, showing smokers how much cigarettes will destroy their looks has been developed to help shock young people into quitting the habit.

The Smoking Time Machine app is launched by The Cumbria Partnership NHS Trust in the UK as part of a month-long stop smoking campaign, worked alongside forensic profilers to create a lifelike representation of the effects of smoking. The app, which will age the users face up to 20 years, showing the effects cigarettes do to their skin, prays on vanity to give users a real reality check.

With graphic pictures on packets and cancer and lung disease warnings often not being taken seriously by the youth who start smoking, the new app aims to get personal

“But this app uses their face and shows them how they will look. It’s something that is very close to home and hard to ignore,” The Daily Mail reported.

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