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Miss Facebook Universe 2013: Croatian Beauty Shines Again

Croatia_102 beauties from five continents, including Croatian model Ivona Vranaricic, have been vying for the title of Miss Facebook Universe 2013.

The competition, which is in its 6th year, has been divided into 4 voting rounds, the first round of voting started on September 15 and ended on October 10. On that day the top 50 girls were announced, with Vranaricic securing enough votes to advance through to the second round. In the second round Vranaricic was voted 10th out of the top 25 girls.

Besides Croatia, the top 25 features girls from nations such as Aruba, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Moldova, Russia, Uruguay, USA and Venezuela. Portuguese Modeling agent Pedro Perez officially contacted Vranaricic before the contest to inform her that she was the most popular Facebook girl in Croatia in 2013 according to their criteria.The third round of voting is currently going on and you can give Ivona your vote here.


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