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Love Complaints Book Promotes Film Happily Ever After in Zagreb

LOWhen Croatian filmmaker Tatjana Božić has for the umpteenth time found the love of her life and again things threaten to go terribly wrong, she decides that she should turn over a new leaf. This relationship must succeed! Tatjana visits five ex-boyfriends in Moscow, Hamburg, London and Zagreb to find an answer to the question why all her love affairs always end up on the rocks. With a good dose of self-mockery, but also with deeply felt passion, she unravels her past relationships and she confronts her (ex-)men and herself with the complexities of contemporary loving. Ljubavna odiseja (Happily Ever After) is a confrontational, emotional, but at the same time humorous film, easily recognizable to every one of us, in which the filmmaker staunchly keeps searching for the holy grail of love: the Happily Ever After!

To promote the film’s premiere, Ljubavna odiseja (Happily Ever After) and Nivea on Saturday opened a ‘love complaints book’ in downtown Zagreb, where passers-by could write their own romantic complaints in. So what did some the locals of Zagreb have to say? Here are a few of the quotes..


‘You told me i looked like crap but everything changed when you gave me chocolate’

‘Let me travel alone with my girlfriends longer than 1 day (outside Croatia)’


‘What can I say about love? I’m 80. I can read and watch films about love, I can be thrilled with the way love is depicted. And that’s about it!’
‘All the right loves end in the right way’

‘Unfortunately my love is at the Markovo polja (graveyard). Adio Žac!’

‘Love is great, enjoyment for body and soul!’

‘Start doing the housework ! Anything?! We have a new vacuum-cleaner’

Ljubavna odiseja (Happily Ever After) opens on 4 December at Cineplexx (Zagreb, Kaptol Centre), Dokukino – KIC
(Zagreb) and at independent cinemas across Croatia.

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