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Learning Croatian – Phrase of the Day

You know some basic Croatian, enough to get you by, but there is nothing that will impress more than knowing a local phrase or slang that you can slip into a conversation. Croatia Week has launched its ‘Word / Phrase of the Day’, where we will teach you a variety of words and phrases commonly used in Croatia, but not commonly found in language learning material.

Today’s Phrase:


pamet u glavu

The phrase ‘pamet u glavu’ basically means ‘be smart’ or ‘keep your wits about you’. The term is often heard being yelled by parents to their kids (mainly daughters) as they exit the house to go party. The literal translation is – ‘brain/smarts in your head’

Example:  Daughter: ‘Mum, I am off to town for a few drinks with the girls’…Mother: ‘pamet u glavu’

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