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Ivo Sanader: I Will Run Croatian Government Again

Croatia’s former Prime Minister Ivo Sanader, who is currently on trial in the country’s biggest ever corruption case after spending over a year in jail on remand, has told a Belgium journalist that he will one day return to run the country, reports daily newspaper Jutarnji list.

Sanader, who is accused with other members of his political party the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), of siphoning off more than 10 million euros from state enterprises, says that he will return to politics and again run the country. Sanader is confident that he will be acquitted of the current charges.

“I did not expect my party to turn against me, but I’m not angry at them., just disappointed. I am confident of victory. I always honorably served my people. My problem with this society, with Croatia, is that I was too strong for them and too powerful.” said Sanader.

Investigators discovered that Sanader with his family had 78 bank accounts in Croatia and Austria with more than 1.5 million euros in them. The trial continues.

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