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Folklore Groups From Around the World Entertain Zagreb Crowds

1The 49th International Folklore Festival has drawn big crowds in Zagreb over the last few days…

Folklore groups from Croatia and around the world have been performing on Ban Jelačić Square and in the Upper Town, where dance workshops for participants and audiences have followed the show. This year’s festival, now in its 49th year, has feature performers from all over Croatia, as well as groups from France (Basque), Macedonia, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Canada, Iraq (Kurdistan), Kosovo and Peru.

The Ethnographic Museum have also held an exhibition and workshops on music instruments, jewelry, silk making and traditional clothes from the Dubrovnik area during the festival which was this year dedicated to the Dubrovnik-Neretva County and the area along the Neretva river towards the border with Herzegovina. The cultural heritage of the county has largely been influenced by centuries-long relationships with the wider Mediterranean and European cultural circles and the history of the Republic of Dubrovnik.


The festival ends on Sunday.



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