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First GREEN MARK Bar Opens In Croatia

GREEN BAR, located on Radnicka street in the Croatian capital Zagreb, has become the first restaurant/bar in Croatia to be awarded the GREEN MARK mark, a mark recognising energy efficiency.

“Through the label GREEN MARK we are striving primarily to diversify sustainable services, products and technologies and give the market a specific type of guarantee. It is our desire that as many Croatian businesses become holders of this tags. The process of transition to a green economy is a long process, so we want them to be in compliance with the standards”, said the President of the Zagreb Energy Association and Energo Media Servis director Tomislav Marjanovic.

Designed by Vedran Jukic and Nikica Kronja from SODA Architects, the bar is constructed using extremely price efficient interior materials. The bar’s roof, with its covering of various shaped colours, has the impression of leaves hanging in a forest, whist at the same time allowing for fully functional ceiling installation with very low-budget parameters. currently 45 brands hold the GREEN MARK mark with GREEN BAR the first bar to have the honour.

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