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First Croatian Bike-Friendly Bus

Autotrans becomes bike friendly (photo: Autotrans)

Autotrans becomes bike friendly (photo: Autotrans)

One of Croatia’s leading bus companies have just become the first ‘bike-friendly’ bus company in Croatia…

From this month Autotrans have introduced a free bike transporting service on its buses, becoming the first in the country to offer the service. The island of Brač is the first place to have the ‘bike friendly’ buses and management say that the expansion of the service will depend on how popular it becomes with the public.

Brač seems the ideal place to launch the service with the island also being branded as ‘bike friendly’ being home to 1,026 km of bike tracks on the island.


“It is evident that every day more and more people are becoming aware of healthy living, and more and more people are actively spend their free time, including activities like cycling, in nature. We often were faced with the question of whether we would offer a shuttle service for bicycles. From this year we are pleased to give an affirmative answer, which once again shows how much we are focused towards our customers and the values that they have,” said Igor Krmpotić from Autotrans.

You can visit the Autotrans website for more information.

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