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Finance Minister Promises No New Taxes

CroatiaNew Croatian Finance Minister Boris Lalovac has promised that there will be no new taxes during a live television interview on Monday…

Speaking to Nova TV, the newly appointed FM said that there were no plans for new taxes in the pipeline after the European Commission announced earlier in the day that Croatia would have to make more cuts to reduce its deficit to below 3% of its GDP by 2016.
“I will deal more with the expenditure side of the budget. We have reached the pinnacle as far as the tax burden is concerned, ” said Lalovac. before being quizzed on the Governments’ earlier plans to introduce property tax and taxes on savings.

Lalovac said that the introduction of property tax was a lengthy process, and that there would be no extra burden for tax payers with regards to property tax in 2016 and 2017, but stated that tax on savings interest rates would come into effect next year.

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