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Who is buying property in Croatia? Interest from the diaspora explodes

Houses in Opatija by the sea

Opatija is popular

The citizens of Slovenia have traditionally been the best buyers in the Croatian real estate market.

Last year, they purchased as many as 3,403 properties in Croatia.

There is also interest from the diaspora in buying properties in Croatia, and the number of interested buyers exploded after the pandemic.

In just a few months, inquiries increased tenfold.

“In 2022, 36% of all property purchases in Croatia were made by foreign nationals, and in my opinion, at least 50% of these buyers belong to the regional diaspora,”Branko Papeš, director of the Dogma Real Estate agency, told Jutarnji list.

He adds that Istria and Kvarner are particularly attractive due to their proximity and transport connections.



New property buyers can reach these areas within a few hours and enjoy the sea.

There was also increased interest from citizens of Serbia, who also bought 167 properties in Croatia last year.

“We haven’t noticed a greater interest from Serbian citizens in properties in Dalmatia. I would say the interest is the same as before, mostly when one of the buyers, if they are a married couple, is originally from Croatia,” Jasminka Biliškov, director of Biliškov Real Estate agency told Jutarnji list.

Real estate agencies report that property prices have stabilised, with little to no growth.

Some believe the market has actually stabilised now, and that the situation after the pandemic was an exception, writes Jutarnji list.

Croatian real estate market begins to slow

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