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Farmers Protests Continue – Tractors Heading For The Capital

Disgruntled farmers in eastern Croatia, who have been protesting for the past 11 days,  have decided to take their protest and tractors to the capital Zagreb on Sunday afternoon, after negotiations continued reach a stalemate between the farmers’ association and the government.

The decision was made to take the tractors direct to Zagreb after Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic did not comply with the farmers’ associations requests on Saturday. The farmers, who have blocked roads for the past 3 days in some parts of eastern Croatia, are demanding over 50 million EUR in subsidies, and want the purchase of wheat raised from 1.05 HRK to above 1.35 HRK. Many of the 4,000 tractors blocking roads around eastern Croatia had decided to go back home in fear of the fines of up to 30,000 HRK if they continued to block roads, but it was announced on Sunday that many would soldier on and head to parliament in the capital, reported Vecernji list.

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