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Croatia’s sea temperatures set to break records

Croatia welcomed 18.9 million tourists in 2022, 37 percent more than the previous year, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports said in a statement on Monday.

Croatia’s sea temperatures rising

Similar to the air temperature, the sea temperature in Croatia has been increasing year after year, with the average sea temperature getting higher and higher. 

The number of sunny hours has a significant impact on the sea temperature, and Croatia has already recorded a substantial number of sunny hours since the beginning of summer. 

Additionally, reduced rainfall and decreased wind contribute to the mixing of warm surface waters and cold deep waters, further affecting the sea temperature, temperatura-mora.hr, explains.

Given the exceptionally hot summer we are currently experiencing in Croatia, it should come as no surprise if sea temperatures in Croatia break all records this year. 

The highest recorded sea temperature in Croatia was on July 30, 2015, in the Little Lake on the island of Mljet, when it reached 31.1°C. 

Currently, the sea temperature on Mljet is 29.3°C, and with the forecast of continued warm and sunny weather, it is inevitable that the sea temperature in the Little Lake on Mljet will continue to rise. Currently, the most interesting sea temperatures to monitor are those in Pula and in Krk, where the difference between the current temperature and the record temperature is within one decimal place.

Current sea temperatures: 

Dubrovnik:  26.5°C (record 30.1°C)

Pula:  29°C (record 29.4°C)

Mljet (malo jezero):  29.3°C (record 31.1°C)

Split:  27°C (record 28.7°C)

Krk:  28°C (record 28.5°C)

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Regarding whether we will experience record-breaking sea temperatures this summer, temperatura-mora.hr explains that numerous factors will come into play.

According to their forecasts, we can expect to see several local records for sea temperature in Croatia this summer on the Adriatic coast, but it may take a few more summers to witness the highest sea temperature ever recorded in Croatia.

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