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Croatian Studio Wins World’s Best Packaging Award in America

Sonda's winning designs

Sonda’s winning designs

Croatian design studio Sonda has won first prize at a competition awarding the world’s best consumer product packaging designs…

Sonda was judged to have the best consumer product packaging design in the Home, Garden and Pets section at The Dieline Awards 2016 in Atlanta announced on Thursday. Sonda’s Holcim Agrocal packaging was judged the best in the world by the jury from 1,200 designs in the competition.

Agrocal powder is a completely natural and environmentally friendly source of calcium and magnesium for a rapid and effective liming. It increases soil fertility thus leading to a long-term increasing yield. After the large packaging intended for crops, Holcim has decided to offer the product to urban gardeners as well, in a small package of 4 kg.

The solution aims to wrap the product in ecological paper, easily degradable, packaging that uses only one color in print. It is set in a wooden box that is not supposed to be disposed of, but repurposed and reused by gardeners, for example, for seedlings, storage tools or the like. Different motivational sayings are carved on the box in order to encourage gardeners to a kind of collecting (‘There ain’t nothing better in life than true love and a homegrown tomato’; ‘Home-grown vegetables are sweeter than chocolate’; ‘A Garden is always IN’; ‘He who plants a garden, plants happiness’; ‘Just because a rose smells better than cabbage doesn’t mean it makes better soup’…).

Now in its 7th year, The Dieline Awards 2016 presented by Neenah Packaging is an international design competition recognizing the world’s best consumer product packaging design. The Dieline Awards names its winners based on three vital design components: Creativity, Marketability, and Innovation.

3“Packaging design is way more than just selling a product or making something look pretty on a store shelf. Whether we realize it or not, packaging plays an integral role in every life, every day, all around the world. Good packaging contains, preserves, protects, and transports the food and items we need to live. However, great packaging—like The Dieline Awards winners—has the ability to change how we think and completely alter the way we interact with the products we consume,” says Andrew Gibbs, Founder of The Dieline.

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