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Croatian recipes: Zagrebački odrezak

Zagrebački odrezak  (Photo: CroChef/Zagreb Tourist Board)

A Zagrebački odrezak is a variation of the Wiener Schnitzel or Cordon Bleu named after the Croatian capital.

The veal schnitzel is filled with ham and cheese and is popular in Zagreb. Check out the recipe and video below courtesy of Cro Chef and the Zagreb Tourist Board.


Veal – 4 large slices
Ham – 16 slices
Cheese (Gouda) – 16 slices
Breadcrumbs – 150 g
Flour – 100 g
Eggs – 2
Oil – 300 ml


Mayonnaise – 50 g
Sour cream – 180 g
Pickles (diced) – 30 g
Juice from 1/2 a lemon
Mustard – 1 tablespoon
Garlic – 1 clove
Parsly (diced) – handful


1. Lay the veal schnitzels on a board and pound them until they are flat and thin.

2. Sprinkle some salt over the schnitzels.

3. On each schnitzel, place 4 slices of cheese evenly spread out and on top of each piece of cheese place a piece of ham.

(Screenshot/CroChef/Zagreb Tourist Board)

4. Roll the schnitzels closed.

5. In separate plates put the eggs (lightly beaten), flour and breadcrumbs.

6. First coat the schnitzels in flour, then eggs and finally breadcrumbs. (With Zagrebački it is good to coat again in eggs and breadcrumbs to give them a thicker crumb).

(Screenshot/CroChef/Zagreb Tourist Board)

7. Fry in oil for around 10 minutes each.

8. To make the tartar, mix all the ingredients together in a bowl well.

9. Serve with potatoes, salad and tartar.

Dobar tek!

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