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Croatian Recipes: Zagrebački Odrezak

Zagrebacki (Photo: CroChef)

A Zagrebački odrezak is a variation of the Wiener Schnitzel or Cordon Bleu named after the Croatian capital. The veal schnitzel is filled with ham and cheese and is popular in Zagreb.


Veal – 800 g
Ham (sliced) – 70 g
Cheese (Gouda) – 70 g
Breadcrumbs – 250 g
Flour – 160 g
Eggs – 3


1. Lay cling film over a chopping board and then lay the veal schnitzels on top. Put another piece of cling film and then on top and pound the meat until they are flat and thin.

2. Add salt and pepper and rub mustard over the schnitzels.

3. On each schnitzel place a piece of ham and on top of the ham a piece of cheese (cut in rectangular shape).

(Photo: Shinkushi/Instagram)

4. Fold the ham over the cheese on two sides then fold over and roll it closed. The mustard will make sure that it does not open during frying.

5. In separate plates put the eggs (lightly beaten), flour and breadcrumbs.

6. First coat the schnitzels in flour, then eggs and finally breadcrumbs. With Zagrebački it is good to coat again in eggs and breadcrumbs.

7. On hot oil fry for around 10 minutes each.

8. Drain off oil on paper towel and serve with salad and potatoes.

(Photo: CroChef)

Dobar tek!

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