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VIDEO: How to make old Croatian favourite ‘Krpice sa zeljem’

Krpice sa zeljem (Photo: Cro Chef/Zagreb Tourist Board)

A number of Croatian food dishes invented generations ago have stood the test of time. 

These so-called traditional domaća (domestic) or seljačka hrana (peasant food), recipes were created due to the access of limited ingredients in poorer times. The know-how to stretch limited ingredients and finances into keeping a lot of people well fed was an art.

Today a lot of these foods are coming back into fashion and are popular among Croatians and tourists. The simplicity of preparation and the usage of only few ingredients is attractive in these modern busy days.

One of those dishes, and popular particularly in Zagreb and Zagorje is Krpice sa zeljem or stewed cabbage with pasta. Check out the recipe below by Cro Chef. 

(Photo: Cro Chef/Zagreb Tourist Board)


Pancetta – 100 g

Onion – 1 1/2

Cabbage – 700 g

Lasagne pasta – 400 g




Finely chop the pancetta and dice the onions

Cut the lasagne pasta into squares and cut the cabbage

In a pan, fry the pancetta in some oil and then remove it. Put a bit more oil in the pan and then fry the onions (add pinch of salt)

Add the cabbage and stir (add a bit of water and cook till soft)

Boil the lasagne pasta then add to the frying pan with the cabbage and onions

Mix well and then add the pancetta and pinch of pepper

Serve hot 

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