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Croatian Recipes: Homemade Vegeta

Making homemade Vegeta (Photos: Ana Frank)

One of Croatia’s most famous products is Vegeta.

The flavour enhancer is exported all over the world and found in dishes cooked in over 40 countries now, from Europe to Asia to the Pacific.

Making homemadeVegetaa is simple and there are a number of different recipes which work – try this quick and easy recipe courtesy of Ana Frank.


Carrots – 2 kg
Parsley root & leaves – 2 kg
Celery root & stems – 2 kg
Leeks – 2 kg
Salt – 2 kg

Ingredients (Photo: Ana Frank)


1. Wash all the vegetables and blend in a food processor

(Photo: Ana Frank)

2. Add the salt
3. Mix again

The result – homemade Vegeta (Photo: Ana Frank)

4. Put the Vegeta in clean jars and store in a cool place. It will be able to last 12 months kept in a cool place.

It is important that the Vegeta is kept in a cool place – the pantry is fine as long as it’s cool. It will be able to last 12 months if kept cool.

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