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Croatian Recipes: Dalmatian Sočivo

Dalmatian Sočivo (Mali Chef)

Dalmatian Sočivo is a real countryside dish known throughout the Adriatic coast. Considering the variety of pulses cooked in this dish, its “down to earth” nature is clear.

Aunty Maša from Stankovci near Zadar on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast generously shared the recipe for this dish with us.

She has cooked it for her family for years, and her only advice is to get the best pulses offered by local growers and, of course, the best olive oil, not to be added sparingly.


You will be delighted to learn how simple it is to prepare this dish. You cook everything at once and it is done when all the pulses are soft enough. The result is an apparently simple dish, but extremely rich in texture and taste.


150 g chickpeas
150 g grass peas
150 g corn
150 g barley
100 g cranberry beans
1 onion
3 garlic cloves
olive oil
bay leaf
salt and pepper



1. Soak pulses for a day.

2. Boil grass peas until cooked.

3. Stew onions in olive oil, add chopped garlic and rinsed pulses on top of that.

4. Top up with water, add bay leaf and cook for between 2 and 2 and a half hours until all pulses are soft.

5. Add pepper and salt; whilst cooking, add water as needed.

6. Serve in a soup plate or bowls, adding a dash of olive oil to each serving.

Dalmatian Sočivo

Recipe & photos: Little Chef

Ingredients: Little Market

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