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Croatian Culinary Postcards – Souvenir & Recipe in One

Croatian Culinary Postcards – Souvenir & Recipe in One

If you are looking for something to different to send back home whilst on your visit to Croatia then check out these Croatian culinary postcards.

Designed by Zrinka Kukuljica Merčep, Croatian culinary postcards are a collection of postcards featuring 10 authentic Croatian traditional recipes.

Among the collection you can find recipe postcards for the following dishes – Rapski mostačoni, Viška pogača, školjke na buzaru, fritule, rožata, istarska supica, fiš paprikaš, hrapočuša, štrukle and soparnik.

“I always try to keep up and do my part to preserve Croatian tradition and history through my work. Through these postcards I aim to preserve and bring these old traditional recipes to large number of people who like cooking and are interested in dishes which some are unique to certain parts of Croatia, such as the Bračka hrapočuša, which is prepared only on the island of Brač, Rapski Mostačoni, which is only made on the island of Rab, Rožata from the Dubrovnik area, Viška pogača from the island of Vis, and Soparnik, which comes from Dalmatian Zagora”, Zrinka says.

The postcards have illustrations of the dishes and ingredients on the front, whilst the recipes and a brief history of the dishes are on the inside of the postcard. There is also an empty space to write a message on the postcard.

The postcards are currently available at a number of locations, including at the Swanky Store at Swanky Mint Hostel and Take Me Home (Tomiceva 4) in Zagreb, as well as in Zadar and Sibenik on the coast. They are also available in the souvenir shops at Westin and Sheraton Hotels.

You can also check out the Facebook page.

(Photos: Zrinka/Swanky Mint)

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