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Croatian Cavers On Challenging Expedition To ‘Underground’ Everest

A team of 100 Croatian speleologists set off today on a caving expedition to the deepest cave in Croatia and southeast Europe – ‘Lukina jama’.

Located on Velebit, Lukina jama cave is 1421 metres deep and is known to have one of the largest known colonies of subterranean leeches located in lakes and streams at its foot. The team of cave explorers goal on the expedition is to explore the depths of the cave, make a topographic map base and shoot video footage and take photos at the end of the lake.

“This is one of the most challenging projects in Croatia, and in the world. We can safely say that Lukina jama is an underground Mount Everest,” said expedition leader Branko Jalzic.

The cave explorers will descend i-1400 metres into the depths of the Velebit mountain before diving in the dark, cold and unknown underground lakes. Lukina jama got its name after a Croatian soldier – Ozren Lukic – Luki who died during the homeland war on Velebit. The expedition to Lukina jama, which is amongst the top 20 deepest caves in the world, will last until 25 August.

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