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You know you are definitely Croatian if…

(Photo credit: Sime Jadresin/Unsplash)

By Lara V.

There are so many traits Croatians have that separate them from other cultures. These traits are particularly more nurtured by Croatians living and growing up abroad.

Check out another humourous list dedicated to pointing out just 15 Croatian traits.

If…breakfast has ever consisted of coffee, rakija, salami, smoked ham, cheese and bread

Pršut (Photo: Private album)

If…you have had one of the following pieces of health advice: 

-Told to not leave the house with wet hair or else you´ll catch a cold

– Made to shut windows in the house so the deadly draft (propuh) doesn’t give you a sore neck

– Told not to sit on cold concrete surfaces (for females)

A big no-no

If… you eat soup in the middle of summer

If…you have had a wooden spoon broken on you or have been ordered to pick your ‘siba’ to get beaten with for being naughty

If…you live at home till you get married (or even after)

If…you have a constant supply of dry cakes and biscuits in the house

Kiflice (Photo: CroChef)

If…most of your friends are Croatians or your cousins

If…every meal had to have some form of meat

If…the meat was cooked until there was not a single sign of pinkness left

If…your father had to have bread with everything

If…your father never licked an ice cream but only bites it as licking does not look ‘masculine’

If…home has a picture of Jesus, a wooden cross or rosary beads somewhere in it

If…you have had rakija put on a cut, graze or sore tooth

If…you have tried wine or beer before your 5th birthday

If…Vegeta went in everything

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