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Croatia boasts 95% of natural forests

Croatia boasts 95% of natural forests

Croatia boasts 95% of natural forests

ZAGREB, 22 March (Hina) – Croatia has 95% of natural forests and harvests less wood than is grown annually, thus maintaining a natural balance, the Hrvatske Šume forest management company said in a statement on the occasion of the International Day of Forests, marked on 21 March.

The main theme of this year’s International Day of Forests is “Healthy forests for healthy people”.

In Croatia, forests cover 49.3% of the land area, of which 76% is owned by the state and 24% by private forest owners. The main characteristic of Croatian forests is that they are 95% natural, unlike many forests in Europe and the world which have been converted into plantations and monocultures.

Croatian forests are managed sustainably, with wood resources used to an extent that ensures their survival.

The most common tree species in Croatia are oak, beech, hornbeam, fir, spruce, holm oak and pine.

The International Day of Forests is an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of forests for all people on the planet because they clean the air, purify the water, prevent erosion and mitigate climate extremes. Forests are natural power plants as they give us a renewable source of energy — wood.

They are also home to many beings, providing them with food and medicines. Healthy forests are very important for human health, and walking through a forest has a beneficial effect on physical and mental health, the statement said.

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