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CBS Director: Croatia Needs to Advertise During Super Bowl

CroatiaThe Croatian Tourist Board invests around 15 million euro each year into marketing and promoting Croatia as a destination to the world, but some believe that it could do a far better job marketing in some of the bigger markets in the world.

“I am not an expert for tourism and I am speaking from my own experience, but I think that Croatia is not promoted well enough in the USA. Generally there is no awareness of Croatia as a tourist destination, and that would be easy to change,” says CBS Sports creative director Pete Radovich. Radovich, who has won 25 prestigious Emmy Awards whilst working on every major sporting event on American television, including the Olympics, Super Bowl, Wimbledon and the NBA Finals, was speaking on the panel ‘If you Havent been to Croatia, you’re F…ing Idiot’, held during the Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj this weekend.

Radovich, who is the son of Croatian immigrants, has suggested to the Minister of Tourism Darko Lorencin and Croatian Tourism Board director Meri Matešić that they should invest in an advert promoting Croatia during the America’s biggest event – the Super Bowl.
“America’s Super Bowl is watched by the whole country, it is a national holiday, and the adverts shown during Super Bowl have become more popular than the sport. People do not get up during the adverts to go to the toilet, they do that during the game so they don’t miss the adverts,” said Radovich, adding half of America would know about Croatia with just one advert during Super Bowl.

Interest in Super Bowl in the US is huge

Interest in Super Bowl in the US is huge

“We would like to be able to afford an advert during Super Bowl, but the Croatian Tourism Board’s budget is 15 million euro for 18 markets, including the US,” said Matešić in response to Radovich’s suggestion, whilst Minister Lorencin joked that they would advertise during Super Bowl if the CBS director could sort them out a discount, reported Poslovni dnevnik.

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