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BARRAKUD CROATIA 2014: Q&A With Carlo Lio

CroatiaBarrakud Croatia 2014 is just days away. More than 50 top international artists will entertain the crowds on Zrće Beach on the island of Pag from 9-16 August, and we caught up with one of them – Toronto legend Carlo Lio…

Carlo Lio – a well-known name in your hometown of Toronto – how did your career start as a DJ and develop into the sound you produce today?

The Toronto rave scene is where I really learned about this new underground world. We had great local talent in Toronto and it was partially because of these guys that I wanted to become a dj. I would go listen to the local DJ’s just as much as I would go see a headliner from another country. The foundation of my sound was developed a lot from the homegrown talent. I managed to start getting a few bookings here and there, and if you know Toronto, you will know that we have the best loyal fans ever. I quickly became one of the main djs in the city and continued to grow from there. Toronto has always had my back!

Not only a DJ and Producer but also a businessman – you created and own our own label, Rawthentic Music – can you tell us a little more about that and how it started and what encouraged you to ‘’ be your own boss’?

Rawthentic Music was originally started by my best bud, Nathan Barato. We ran the label together for a while before I took it over. Nathan is my brother and we wanted an outlet to release our own music whenever we wanted and this was the best way. It’s always hard for new producers to get proper contacts and get their music heard or even get replies to their demos. Having Rawthentic gave us the power to create our own timeline as well as build something out of nothing. It’s very nice to be your own boss.

We understand you have played the Ohm Festival last year and also last month Lighthouse Club – do you enjoy coming to Croatia?

Yes, Croatia is becoming one of my favorite place. I don’t play there to often, but starting to a little more. I must say, it really is great! Lighthouse was fantastic, sadly there was a lot of rain, but we still had a great time! I am most excited for Barrakud. From what I’ve seen and heard, I expect madness – just how I like it. Cannot wait to play!

This year will be your first at the Barrakud Festival however – what are you expecting from the festival and its hefty line up?

I expect nothing less than craziness! Such a beautiful venue, and such a powerhouse lineup. It’s the perfect formula for a next level party. And of course we cannot forget the great people and crowds Croatia has. The people really have great energy in this country. I love it.

Being on tour so much – what do you miss most about home?

Yes, touring is now my life. Although I get to see the world, I am constantly missing my home. For me, it’s the little things that I miss the most. Just being in my own house. Waking up in my own bed, making music in my home studio, being able to call friends that I grew up with. And obviously, I miss my family and my cats a ton! As they say, there is no place like home.

With talk of Ibiza becoming too expensive for fans and out pricing itself in the market, do you think this has had an impact on Croatia – given its huge festival scene over the past few years?

It’s no secret that Ibiza is super expensive, but yeah, I do think it has an impact in a lot of places including Croatia. When something is way to expensive you generally look for an alternative. So I definitely feel its drawn people to different places. I guess it can be a positive thing.

Your schedule is very busy this summer – where can we find out where else you are playing as well as news on your most up coming releases?

Yes the summer schedule has definitely been nuts. You can find my full upcoming tour schedule here!  As for news for upcoming releases, the best place would be to follow me on instagram, twitter and of course my fan page here

Finally – we also interviewed – SHADED who is also playing the same SCI + TEC showcase party at Barrakud, do you enjoy hanging out at gigs together when you get the chance?

Yes I love SHADED, not only is he a fantastic DJ/producer but one of the coolest kindest people on the planet. I can never get tired of hanging out with him. He’s become brother over the years.


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